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“In the caves of the Sassi lies the peasantry's capital, the hidden heart of their ancient civilization. Anyone who sees Matera can not be impressed, so expressive and touching her painful beauty.
Carlo Levi
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Info e Contacts

  • Rione Pianelle, 26 (Piazza San Pietro Caveoso)
  • 75100 MATERA
  • Tel: (+39) 0835 310931
  • Fax: (+39) 0835 318713
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Web:

How To Arrive:

The Bari (Palese) Airport is the closest to Matera (50 km). At the airport exit there is a Bus Service (AirBusPuglia) connecting the airport to the city of Matera Center (Piazza della Visitazione). On request, Caveoso Hotel organizes a shuttle service from Bari Airport to the Hotel

Aereoporti di puglia
Biglietteria bus
We advise you to take the exit "MATERA SUD" and set up on the navigator “BRUNO BUOZZI street” .

The hotel is located in the main square of Matera “Sassi” (Piazza San Pietro Caveoso) where you can get there by car for loading / unloading luggage (There is a Limited Traffic Zone but it's free because we send (to the local police) the license plate of your car at your arrival at the reception).
1) Public Parking at about 400 meters from the hotel in "Via Pasquale Vena" cost of € 0, 50/ hour. (Not bookable)
2) Private parking (DAMASCO) at a cost of € 25,00 per night.
With TRENITALIA ( ) and ITALO ( ) you can reach Matera
From Bari Central it's possible to arrive in Matera with the Ferrovie Appulo Lucane (FAL) (
Bus links from Italy and Europe to Matera with:
Marino ( )
Marozzi ( \ )
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